Covid-19 is OPEN

Store Open!

Mon - Fri 11-4

Sat 10-3

Sun Closed


Can I try shoes or clothing on?

Right now we are requiring customers wear gloves and mask to try on shoes. Clothing and gloves we are not allowing to be tried on at this time.

Do I need to wear a mask or gloves in store?

You are not required to do so but are encouraged for for your own protection and ours as well

Are your staff wearing any ppe?

Our staff are encouraged to wear both face masks and gloves. Not all work we do can be performed with gloves and masks on so if you are having any work done (re-grips, repairs or soft spikes replaced etc) be prepared to have items handled by someone without gloves on

Can I return an item?

Yes and we have extended the return date for when we were closed (closed Mar 25 to May 19) 

Items that are returned are now quarantined for 72 hours before putting back out for sale.

Do you still take trade ins?

Yes, but we quarantine them for 72 hours now before putting them out for sale

  Do you accept cash?

Yes we are still accepting cash payments

Call or email any questions you may have.

Thank you

905 732 9692


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