Travel Cover Rental Agreement


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Travel Cover Rental Agreement


The following is to be dated and signed at the time of rental. Please read carefully.

 Rental of the Travel Cover is subject to the terms and conditions below:

  1. Terms of Rental: This is a day to day Rental Agreement and payment due is calculated on a daily basis. I understand and agree that rental fee will be owing and due including the day travel cover is picked up (regardless of the time of day that travel cover is picked up), and every day thereafter until returned, however I do not pay for the day that I return it.  Example:  If I pick the Travel Cover up on the 7th and return on the 10th then I owe for a total of 3 days rental. If for any reason (including the store is closed as one possible reason) I can’t return travel cover on the day I agreed to then I will be charged at the regular rate for the extra day(s).
  2. Credit Card Imprint: By signing a credit card imprint, I authorize Golf Stuff Inc. to charge my credit card for the rental amount plus the applicable taxes upon return on the Travel Cover. Once payment is received in full and travel cover is returned credit card imprint will be destroyed and we do not keep any record of the card number or details on the credit card.
  3. Failure to Return the Travel Cover: If the Travel Cover is not returned, I understand and agree that I will authorize Golf Stuff Inc. to charge my credit card for the replacement cost of the Travel Cover. I agree that this may be done no sooner than 14 days after agreement end date. 
  4. Agreement: I understand and agree that there are no discounts off the stated price of the rental regardless of the circumstances or increased length of time.  Returns can be made anytime during regular store hours. Store hours are subject to change from time to time without notice.


Name: ________________________________________________________________________


Travel Cover:                                                                                                                             

Price per day: $

Agreement starts:

Agreement ends:

I agree to the terms and conditions above.