Adams Tight Lies Tour 3W 14.5° Graphite X-Stiff Men's Right

Condition Rating: 7

What does this mean?

The 2013 Adams Tight Lies Tour fairway wood from Adams addresses one of the problems with the club type. While most modern fairway woods are loaded with technology to maximize distance, they don't make it easier to hit to really gain those extra yards. The 2013 Tour version of the club, debuted by Adams in the mid-90's has a lower face height to maximize playability and forgiveness. The return of the original tri-level sole makes this club easier to hit from anywhere on the golf course. The new version features the Cut-Thru Slot design that also increases launch angle and the increased carry distance and improved consistency will deliver better shots from the tee or the turf. The Tour model has a flatter trajectory and produces less backspin compared to the standard version released the same year.

Low Profile

The face is almost 20% lower than the average fairway wood, making it easier to get the ball up off of the turf for better shots all over the golf course.

Cut-Thru Slot Technology

The slots on the sole and crown allow the face to be hotter, providing faster ball speeds for increased distance, while also allowing the top of the face to compress more than the bottom to increase launch angle without increasing unwanted backspin.

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