Cobra F Max Airspeed #3 16° Fairway Graphite Lite (senior) Men's Left Hc

Condition Rating: 7

What does this mean?

Who’s It For?

Cobra is jumping into the lightweight category with the release of its F-Max Airspeed series, which features an ultra-lightweight design that is built to help golfers swing easier and faster. Everything about the club, from the clubhead to the shaft and the grip, is made lighter than a conventional driver. Golfers with slower and moderate swing speeds will especially notice the benefits of playing the F-Max Airspeed fairway wood.

The Tech Story

The F-Max Airspeed fairway wood is designed with the same principles as the driver, with the goal being easier and faster swings for golfers. The clubhead as been made lighter thanks to saved weight from a carbon fiber crown. Much of the remaining weight has been concentrated in the back heel to help golfers square up the clubface at impact. Meanwhile, the shaft is five grams lighter than a standard driver to allow golfers to swing faster while maintaining the same tempo. The F-Max Airspeed fairway also features pronounced offset that works to eliminate a slice or fade miss.

Facts and Figures

  • Men’s lofts: 16 degrees (3-wood), 20 degrees (5-wood), 23 degrees (7-wood)
  • Women’s lofts: 19 degrees (3-wood), 23 degrees (5-wood), 27 degrees (7-wood)
  • Stock Men’s Length: 43 inches (3-wood), 42 ½ inches (5-wood), 42 inches (7-wood)

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