• Cobra F-Max Superlite Offset Driver Golf Stuff - Save on New and Pre-Owned Golf Equipment Right 9.5° Regular Superlite 45

Cobra F-Max Superlite Offset Driver

Maximize tee game performance while playing the Cobra F-MAX Superlite Offset Driver. Engineered to help golfers maximize club head speed and distance, the F-MAX Superlite features lighter overall weights and larger midsize grips for added performance. Back/Heel Center of Gravity positioning helps golfers hit the ball longer and straighter with more consistency. Forged Ti 6-4 faces create an enlarged, optimized sweet zone for explosive distance.

Experience The Speed Of Lite:

Speed Of Lite
  • Cobra’s lightest driver delivers unrivaled distance, forgiveness and launch
  • Lighter club heads, shafts and grips combine to deliver up to 20 grams in weight savings
  • Removed weight helps golfers of all skill levels maximize club head speeds and performance

Back/Heel Center of Gravity Positioning:

  • Strategic weight placement helps golfers hit straighter, more consistent shots
  • Ultra-forgiving construction encourages higher launch trajectories for playability
  • Internal weight pad located in the heel and back of the sole for greater precision
Back/Heel Center of Gravity Positioning

Additional Features:

  • Offset hosel for golfers with moderate swing speeds who require additional draw biased correction
  • Forged Ti 6-4 faces create an enlarged, optimized sweet zone for more explosive performance at impact
  • Subtle crown alignment design assists with a square setup at address for greater consistency
  • Larger, midsize grips improve comfort and consistency

Tech Specs:

Model Loft Length Volume Neck Type Swing Weight
9.5° Offset 9.5° 45.5" 460cc Offset D0
10.5° Offset 10.5° 45.5" 460cc Offset D0
11.5° Offset 11.5° 45.5" 460cc Offset D0
  • $279.98
  • $379.99