Mizuno MP-T Series 53.08° Chrome Gap Wedge Stiff Flex Steel Shaft MRH

Condition Rating: 7

What does this mean? 

The “T” in the “MP-T” name stands for “Teardrop” (while the “R” in “MP-R” stands for “round”), and the club is built in the classic teardrop shape. It features minimal offset and a C-grind sole that’s intended to give players maximum playability. The relief it provides in the heel and toe areas allow players to open the clubface without significantly altering the bounce characteristics. The MP-T’s rolled leading edge leads to minimal digging, and a cambered mid-sole and beveled trailing edge minimizes turf drag through and towards the end of impact.

The MP-T wedges offer “CNC Max Milled” square grooves for optimum spin. Each wedge is offered in Black Nickel and Chrome. The “Raw Haze” finish previously available is, sadly, no longer being offered.

  • $39.99