• Nancy Lopez Golf Womens Wedge Golf Stuff - Save on New and Pre-Owned Golf Equipment Right 56° Graphite

Nancy Lopez Golf Womens Wedge

NLG Wedges NLG217W

“It’s All About Feel.”  A classic style wedge with a thin top line that inspires confidence.


· Wide sole wedge design to help increase launch angles and increase feel around green.

· Shorter, more compact, center weighted head

· Soft, stainless composition

· Sole bounces to suit a woman’s game

· Ultralight performance graphite shafts provide the perfect combination of feel and control

· Lopez soft wrap grips provide superior feel and comfort, with vibration absorbing characteristics

· Sand Wedge - 56° right and left hand

· Lob Wedge - 60° right and left hand

  • $69.99