Ping Cadence TR Ketsch Putter Steel Left

Condition Rating: 5

What does this mean? 

Ping’s Cadence TR putter family is the answer to putting consistency. A key component to holing more putts is not only being fit for a putter that matches your stroke type but also your swing tempo and the Cadence TR family accomplishes just that. Besides offering Ping’s very popular head styles to fit your stroke type, the Cadence line also offers traditional head weights as well as heavy models. The Ping Cadence TR Ketsch Putters are uniquely different from the rest of the Cadence family, the Ketsch models have their True-Roll grooves precision milled right into the face, where as the rest of the line is distinguished black and blue inserts that separates the heavy traditional models. In the Cadence TR Ketsch traditional and heavy models, they are distinguished by the weight of their sole plates. True-Roll grooves vary in depth and width, where they are deeper and wider in the center of the face and progressively get shallower towards the perimeter. The most popular head styles have been brought back in the Cadence TR family which includes the B65, Tomcat C, Anser 2, Anser W, Rustler(New Style), Ketsch, Anser 2 CB(Counter Balance) and the Shea H.

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