Ping G SF Tec 3W 16° Graphite Regular Men's Right

Condition Rating: 6

What does this mean?

The new PING G Series SF Tec Fairway Woods deliver the same reliability that has been a game changer for so many golfers; being easy to hit, easy to launch the ball and very forgiving, have been the defining features for PING’s G Series Fairway Woods over the years. The new G Series SF Tec Woods are built on that same Straight Flight foundation as the G30 SF Tec and G Series SF Tec Drivers; weight is add to the heel position with lighter swing weight to promote a right to left shot bend to help correct those with a natural and menacing fade bais. The G Series SF Tec Fairway Woods have Turbulator Technology, like the G30 Woods; however the Turbulators are paired with a low profile leading edge design, which allows the woods to sit lower giving the face more coverage on the ball which will result in more solid and better contact.

  • $189.99