Ping G SF Tec #5 Fairway 19° Graphite Senior Left Hc

Condition Rating:  7

What does this mean?

The new PING G Series SF Tec Fairway Woods deliver the same reliability that has been a game changer for so many golfers; being easy to hit, easy to launch the ball and very forgiving, have been the defining features for PING’s G Series Fairway Woods over the years. The new G Series SF Tec Woods are built on that same Straight Flight foundation as the G30 SF Tec and G Series SF Tec Drivers; weight is add to the heel position with lighter swing weight to promote a right to left shot bend to help correct those with a natural and menacing fade bais. The G Series SF Tec Fairway Woods have Turbulator Technology, like the G30 Woods; however the Turbulators are paired with a low profile leading edge design, which allows the woods to sit lower giving the face more coverage on the ball which will result in more solid and better contact. An unseen factor also developed into that lower leading; a tier system that allows the extremely strong 455 Carpenter Steel face to flex more at impact and rebound the ball with amazing speed and higher more consistent launch angles for better distances. PING also created a 25% thinner crown in the G Series Fairway Woods; which with the weight savings lowered the CG and raised the MOI. The new G Series Fairway Woods are PING’s most forgiving, straightest flying and highest launching and longer than all the other PING Fairway Woods. Once again the G Series Fairway Woods also have the ability to adjust trajectory for the fine tuning of your preferred launch with their adjustable hosel technology that allows you change your loft +/-1° from standard settings. PING never stops at just the head characteristics when designing their products; they always pair the head with a shaft that performs best through extensive testing. The new G Series Woods feature a high balance point shaft, similar to the 419 that was paired in the G30 Series, the Alta which performs well for the majority of golfers looking to play better by through a system that stores more energy until the point where momentum and inertia blend to release the power of your game.

Turbulator Technology

Reduces the drag by directing the flow of resisting air for more speed

Optimal CG and MOI

A 25% thinner crown saved weight that lowered the CG to the lowest of any PING Fairway wood and raised the MOI

Lower Leading Edge

The leading edge sits lower on the turf exposing more face for better more solid contact

Interal Tier System

The leading edge sits lower on the turf exposing more face for better more solid contact

Low Profile

A lower profile paired with a lower leading edge and and the lowest CG makes getting the ball airborne easier than ever

ALTA 65 Shaft

The Alta 65 Shaft is paired perfectly for the G Series Fairway Woods, it features a high balance point for optimal energy transfer, It's recommended for most golfers.

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