Ping G SF Tec Driver 10° Graphite Senior Left Hc

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What does this mean?

The PING G SF Tec Driver (Straight Flight) is exactly what you expect from the G Series; long, forgiving and extremely accurate, designed to improve your game off every tee whether you need help finding the fairway or you want to precisely shape your shot. The internal weighting that was first introduced in the K15 driver and reintroduced with G30 SF Tec, is the driving principal difference from the G Driver. The Straight Flight Technology isn’t meant for everyone, that’s the G Series Driver. The SF Tec is for those that consistently fade the ball, and is meant to help keep your shots straighter with an average of 9 yards draw correction to keep you in the fairway. The G Series SF Tec Driver, like the not-so-standard G Driver, is faster than its predecessor who introduced us to the Turbulator Technology. The new G Series Drivers are built for speed and power with new aerodynamic technology. The Turbulators are still present but now they are coupled with VorTec and Dragonfly Technologies. The Dragonfly Tec lowers the weight across the entire head, from the crown to the tail, 8 grams are saved to help optimize the Center of Gravity (CG) and the Moment of Inertia (MOI), however it also helps reduce drag by up to 37% for greater club head speed resulting in an increase of 3-4 carry yards. The VorTec Technology is derived from the same principal used with big rig trucks; it could almost be described as a tail that shapes the way air resistance is allowed to release from the club head. The VorTec minimize turbulence which increase club head speed and helps keep the head more stable through your entire swing from address to follow through. Speed isn’t the only attributed feature that makes the G Series Drivers, a thin T9S (special Titanium) face, makes it more forgiving and consistent yet retains a hotness that increases ball speed at impact. As with all the G Series models that came before this G Series Driver line, PING has brought the CG deeper to its core; resulting in the most forgiving and highest MOI the G Series has ever been, since its introduction 10 years ago. The PING G Series Drivers also have the ability to adjust trajectory for the fine tuning of your preferred launch with their adjustable hosel technology that allows you change your loft +/-1° from standard settings. PING never stops at just the head characteristics when designing their products; they always pair the head with a shaft that performs best through extensive testing. The new G Series Drivers feature a high balance point shaft, similar to the 419 that was paired in the G30 Series, the Alta which performs well for the majority of golfers looking to play better by through a system that stores more energy until the point where momentum and inertia blend to release the power of your game.

Faster Design

New aerodynamics designs reduce drag resistance by 37%,, increasing head speed and distance

Longer & More Forgiving

A Thin T9S (Special Titaium) face, optimal CG and a higher MOI improve forgiveness and consistency characteristics while delivering faster ball speeds

VorTEc Technology

Minimizes wake turbulence for a stable club head

DragonFly Technology

Minimizes wake turbulence for a stable club head

Turbulator Technology

Reduces the drag by directing the flow of resisting air for more speed

ALTA 55 Shaft

The Alta 55 Shaft is paired perfectly for the G Series driver, it features a high balance point for optimal energy transfer, It's recommended for most golfers.

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