Ping i500 Demo #7 Iron Black Dot Steel CFS Distance Stiff Men's Right

Condition Rating: 6

What does this mean? 

Please note this was a demo club previously used for club fitting. It has a shaft/adapter that is changeable with a 1/2 inch wrench, intended for quick change shaft while doing club fitting. It is a fully functioning club that performs the same as a non demo club but has a very slightly different look.

Standard length, standard size Ping grip, Black color code

CFS Distance Steel Stiff shaft


Who’s It For


With the new i500, PING is entering for the first time what it would describe as the players power iron category. Like the G700 irons, the i500 irons feature a hollow-body design and will produce impressive launch and incredible ball speeds to help players hit less club into greens and get the ball closer to the hole. That said, the i500 iron also feature a compact blade shape, minimal offset, and thinner toplines and soles, all attributes valued by low-handicap players. As one might expect given that description, this is an iron that will likely find its way into the bags of a wide variety of golfers. For those, however, who are looking for similar performance but maximum forgiveness, the G700 might be a better choice, while those who want the ultimate in precision and workability will also want to consider the i210 or iBlade.


The Tech Story


For what is such a simple, elegant looking iron, there’s a lot of technology packed into the i500. In terms of the incredible distance that the i500s produce, it’s fueled by a forged maraging C300 clubface that thanks to the hollow body design is able to flex more like a metalwood at impact to promote ball speed and effortless launch. The i500 also spins less than the i210 or iBlade to help create distance, but its launch conditions still provide the stopping power that players are looking for on approach shots. As a comparison, in the testing it conducted, PING found that on average the i500 produced roughly 3 MPH more ball speed and 8-10 yards of additional carry when compared to the new i210. Also of note, the clubfaces and grooves of the i500 irons have been machine milled to provide a classic look and produce distance and spin consistency, and their limited offset and thin soles give players the ability to work the ball more easily. And finally, a new Hydropearl 2.0 chrome finish offers more sheen and provides improved resistance to wear, while also helping reduce fliers by producing more consistent spin numbers in any conditions or from any type of lie.

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