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Pinnacle Soft Women's Golf Balls

Dialed-up feel for peak performance - the new Pinnacle Soft Women's Golf Balls. 

Pinnacle Soft Women's Golf Balls are designed to be an incredibly soft, low compression golf ball to give golfers an extremely soft feel and help them hit the ball longer while out on the links. 

These Pinnacle golf balls are constructed with a high energy, very low compression core combining a soft cover and advanced icosahedral dimple design to create low spin for longer shots and an unbelievably soft feel with every club in your bag. Available in white with pink numbers and pink

Product Features

  • Dialed-up feel for peak performance.
  • Extremely soft feel and long distance wtih every club.
  • High energy, low compression solid core.
  • Soft, durable cover.
  • Advanced icosahedral 332 dimple design.
  • Longer shots of the tee.
  • Longer iron distance.
  • Incredibly soft feel.
  • Consistent and powerful ball flight.
  • $20.99