• Softspikes Shadow Individual Cleats Softspikes Golf Supply House Quick Fit

Softspikes Shadow Individual Cleats

  • Small Metal Insert System-a traditional threaded insert system
  • Great traction and durability
  • Green friendly
  • Ultimate Comfort
  • It barely leaves a trace. Thanks to its flat design and tapered traction points, the Shadow Cleat has raised the bar for non-dynamic cleats. A new space-age polymer material and wider reinforced legs provide golfers with great traction and durability. Shadow's flat center and tapered traction point is the ultimate in green friendliness. The Small Metal Insert System is a traditional threaded insert system. This insert system features a strong metal post that can be tightened securely to the shoe receptacle. Begin threading the small metal cleat into the receptacle by hand, rotating to the right. Securely tighten the cleat with the Softspikes Cleat Kaddy until the cleat is flush with the sole.
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