Titleist 915D2 Driver 9.5° Graphite Stiff Men's Left

Condition Rating: 7

What does this mean?

The Titleist 915D2 is designed for maximum forgiveness and increased distance off the tee. The long, wide, and deep Active Recoil Channel runs from the heel to the toe of the club and allows the face to flex at impact. This flexion boosts ball speeds and reduces spin, a combination that results in longer drives. The addition of the channel moved the center of gravity (CG) forward, so Titleist used 8-1-1 titanium to make the crown thinner, and removed material from lower stress areas in the clubhead to keep the CG low and deep for maximum forgiveness. Also making the 915 drivers more forgiving is the Radial Speed Face. This forged face insert is thinner around the perimeter, especially near the heel and toe to retain ball speed on mis-hits. The result is a less significant decrease in distance when the ball is struck off-center. The 915D2 is larger at 460cc than its D3 counterpart, with a pear-shaped profile. This allows the 915D2 to be even more forgiving off the tee with a greater moment of inertia (MOI).

Active Recoil Channel

This wide, deep channel that spans the sole of the club from heel to toe allows the face to flex at impact. This launches the ball with less spin and more speed.

Radial Speed Face

The Radial Speed Face increases ball speeds on off-center hits for greater forgiveness. Thinner areas of the face in near the heel and toe allow for greater flex at impact to ball speeds high, even on mis-hits.

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