Titleist Vokey SM7 LW 58° Steel Men's Right

Condition Rating: 7

What does this mean?

Who’s It For?

SM7 wedges are carrying on a long legacy of success that Titleist has enjoyed with its Vokey Design franchise, which is, of course, the brainchild of famed wedge designer Bob Vokey. Where Vokey wedges have excelled through the years is in the different tour-proven sole grinds that are available to suit the needs of any golfer, and that is certainly the case when it comes to the SM7 lineup. What’s most important, however, is that players understand what types of wedges will work best for their game, which can typically be determined based on their swing type and the course conditions where they usually play.

With the SM7 line, there are six different grinds to choose from: the L, M, S, F, and K grinds, along with the brand new D Grind. The D Grind is a high-bounce wedge that offers a crescent-shaped sole that will promote versatility. It will be a great option for players who have steeper angles of attack but who require more shot-making ability than many high-bounce wedges offer. The L Grind was designed as a low-bounce wedge with material removed from the toe, heel, and trailing edge to help players hit different types of shots, especially when using an open face. It will work best from firmer turf and sand conditions and for players with shallow angles of attack. The M Grind would best be described as a mid-to-low bounce wedge that will provide enhanced versatility for short game shots. It will best suit players with neutral or shallow angles of attack and be effective from all but the softest turf and sand conditions. The S Grind is a full-sole wedge that features a relieved trailing edge. As a mid-bounce wedge, it will suit golfers with a neutral angle of attack and most course conditions, and it was designed for golfers who like to play shots around the green with a square face. The F Grind is a full-sole, mid-to-high bounce wedge that features a moderate camber and radius. It will be a great option on full shots for players with steeper angles of attack and from a wide variety of turf conditions. And finally, the K Grind features a wide sole and high bounce, as well as enhanced camber, which makes it a great option from bunkers as well as softer turf conditions. It will work best for players with angles of attack that range from neutral to steep.

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