Titleist Vokey SM8 F-Grind GW 52° Steel Men's Right

Condition Rating: 6

What does this mean? 

Bob Vokey and his team at Titleist have been leaders in the wedge market for years thanks to a combination of tour-proven performance and excellent craftsmanship. New in 2020, Vokey has constructed the SM8 wedges, which introduce a reimagined progressive center of gravity to promote better trajectory and distance control, among other key improvements. Golfers should take note of the six different sole grinds that are offered with the Vokey wedges that will fit every golfer differently. The F grind is perhaps the most traditional and is best used for full swings and shots with a square face. The M grind is designed for versatility to allow golfers using a shallow angle of attack to open or close the clubface to create shots. The S grind includes a trailing edge grind for a faster feel while performing best in neutral or firm conditions. The D grind works best for golfers with a steeper angle of attack that like the added versatility of an open or closed clubface. The K grind offers the highest bounce of all the SM8 wedge grinds and is designed to perform best out of bunkers and soft conditions. Lastly, the L grind offers the lowest bounce in the series and is designed for maximum greenside versatility for players in firm conditions.

  • $169.99