Wilson Staff Di11 Iron Set #4-Pw,Gw, Graphite/Steel Regular Men's Left

Condition Rating: 7

What does this mean?

* Some of the shafts have half steel and half graphite (4,5,6,7,9,Pw)

* Some of the shafts are all steel (8, Gw)

The Wilson Di 11 Irons bring you an opportunity to increase your overall accuracy. This is for many reasons. One of those reasons is Wilson Golf has patented Wide-Tip Technology. By widening the shaft, the Di 11 Iron negates twisting on off-center hits. The result gives the Wilson Di 11 a sweetspot that’s up to 36% larger than competitive irons. With a low and deep CG, the Di 11s will give your ball a nice high and straight trajectory.

  • $119.99