PRGR Zoom M-30 17° Fairway Wood Ladies Flex Graphite Shaft LRH Hc

Condition Rating:  7

What does this mean? 

PRGR developed the golf club set "M-30" that was exclusively for female golfers as it made best use of the characteristics of ordinary female golfers, who have less power than male golfers. The muscular strength of an average female individual is about 60% of that of a male individual, and the average head speed of female golfer swings is 27-30 m/sec. PRGR analyzed, among other things, the muscular strength, H/S level, and swing pattern of average female golfers and devised various ways including materials, design, and manufacturing processes to increase the flight distance and make it easy to hit, as well as to clarify the difference in flight distance between each club. This "M-30" has now evolved into "SWEEP."


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