Covid-19 FAQ

We are now open again (starting June 11 2021) for in store shopping

You are welcome to come in to the store again, but currently we have a maximum of 3 customers in store at one time as per provincial legislation.

Same procedures are in place that we had last year (before the lock down) and are listed below.

Are your staff wearing any ppe?

Yes our staff wear face masks and sometimes use disposable gloves as well. Not all work can be performed with gloves on so if you are having any work done (re-grips, repairs or soft spikes replaced etc.) or items shipped to you be prepared to have items handled by someone without gloves on

Can I return an item?

Yes you may return items that were purchased 30 days ago or less.

Items that are returned are now quarantined for 72 hours before putting back out for sale.

Do you still take trade ins

Yes you can bring in your clubs, bags, and carts in for a trade in quote.

Also we quarantine items that are traded in now for 72 hours now before putting them out for sale

Are you still doing Re-gripping & Club Repairs?

Yes bring in any clubs for re-gripping & repair as you normally would. Although some parts may be delayed due to the pandemic, currently we can get items in a reasonable amount of time (one week) if we don't already have them in store.

Do you accept cash?

Yes we are still accepting cash payments

Can I try on shoes?

Yes and we no longer have any requirements for that.

Can I try on gloves?

Yes you can, but we encourage you to try on only one pair, as we have to quarantine them for 72 hours once you do.