Our Return Policy

Purchase with confidence! If what you buy isn't right just return it to our store within 20 days in the same condition it was purchased along with copy of your receipt and we'll take care of it. We will refund the original purchase price and shipping cost once we receive the item as well as pay for return shipping! If item was purchased new it needs to be returned in new, unopened and unused condition. Please note custom clubs/shafts and personalized/logo golf balls are not returnable. In the case of refunds you will be refunded the same way you paid, visa credit for a visa card purchase, items paid by gift card will be put back on gift card, etc. Items that were purchased 60 days or more ago will have refunded amount put on a gift card, items purchased more than 120 days ago will not be accepted. You may receive a partial refund if the item being returned lowers the total purchase price to what would have been a higher cost to ship (our shipping rates are based on before tax total purchase price). Whether you are buying an item or returning it, we want you to be happy! We want you as a customer for life.


1. Request a return by following this link https://www.golfstuff.ca/a/return

2. Within one business day we will send you a prepaid return label that you can print and attach to the packaging of the item(s) you wish to return. 

3.When we receive the item you will be issued the corresponding refund amount. 

4. Any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at golfstuff@golfstuff.ca 


Purchases made through the holiday season starting from October 1st to December 24th can be returned or exchanged up until January 24th of the following year.

If you have any questions or concerns please email golfstuff@golfstuff.ca


If you receive your purchase and it is damaged in shipping please email us with the details of what you purchased and the damage that was done. Keep both the item and the shipping box it was received in as we may need to file a claim with the shipper. Please do not ship damaged item back to us without our consent.


Email us any issues or questions you have regarding warranty issues and we will advise as needed. For GPS & Rangefinders contact the manufacturer directly, for all other items we will be involved in the return process. Please note you may be responsible for return shipping cost back to us or manufacturer.


Sorry, but we do not do exchanges. Please return items as instructed above and re-purchase the correct size/style etc. if you wish to do so. We don't do exchanges as they present many administrative issues.