Golf Club Length Measurement

How do we measure golf club length?

We currently use the Maltby Bench Top Club Ruler, as pictured below, and do so for ease of consistency. Measuring golf clubs is done a different way by the different manufacturers so it can be an issue to know exactly what length a club is.

When using the Bench Top Ruler for a TaylorMade Sim 2 Max OS 7 iron it is exactly as stated for example, 37.25 inches long both using the ruler and is stated on TaylorMade website. However when we use the Bench Top Ruler for a Ping G425 it says 37.25 as well on the ruler, but Ping's website says it is 37 inches long. The reason is Ping is using playing length to measure, as seen a little further below.

When in doubt you can always call or email for any clarification.

 Maltby Bench Top Club Ruler





Clubs measured using "Playing Length"

In order to measure length using "Playing Length" begin by putting club in approximate playing position and then putting a long (48 inch) metal ruler firmly under the club head and measure to the end of the grip, or otherwise known as "playing length".

See red line below, that is where the ruler would be placed

How are putters measured using playing length?

For putters "Playing Length" measure the same as above, except the ruler is set in line with the center (or alignment line) of the putter head. See picture on the right below:

Why do we bother telling you how we measure club length? Because different ways of measuring give different results, and because not all manufacturers measure exactly the same way.


Here are some actual measurements, there are differences however they are typically quite small


Item                               Using Ruler                Manufacturer stated length

Ping G425 Driver          45.75                           45.75

Ping G425 5W              42.25                           42.375       

Ping G425 #7 iron         37.25                           37.00

Ping Anser 2 Putter       33.875                          35.00



TM Sim 2 Max Driver    45.75                           45.75

TM Sim 2 Max #5W      42.375                         42.25

TM Sim 2 Max OS #7i   37.25                          37.25

Spider X Putter              34.75                          35.00