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  • Tips on How to Choose a New Driver

    Tips on How to Choose a New Driver If you are looking to buy a new driver but don’t know where to start then this should help you decide. My name is Darcy Schmidt from the team at golfstuff.ca and I have been selling and fitting golf clubs for over 25 years. My goal here is to help you understa... View Post
  • Covid-19 golfstuff.ca is OPEN

    Store Open! Mon - Fri 11-4 Sat 10-3 Sun Closed FAQ COVID-19 Can I try shoes or clothing on? Right now we are requiring customers wear gloves and mask to try on shoes. Clothing and gloves we are not allowing to be tried on at this time. Do I need to wear a mask or gloves in store? You are not requ... View Post
  • Tips on How to Choose Your Model of Golf Club Iron Set - With or Without Hybrids

    Player’s Irons

    The first so called “Player” type of irons typically have a narrower sole, little or no offset, small or no cavity on the back, smaller head size, and a thin top line. These are made for the best and most skilled players, and feature a look and feel that the best players want.

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