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  • Tips on How to Choose a New Driver

    Tips on How to Choose a New Driver If you are looking to buy a new driver but don’t know where to start then this should help you decide. My name is Darcy Schmidt from the team at golfstuff.ca and I have been selling and fitting golf clubs for over 25 years. My goal here is to help you understa... View Post
  • Tips on How to Choose Your Model of Golf Club Iron Set - With or Without Hybrids

    Player’s Irons

    The first so called “Player” type of irons typically have a narrower sole, little or no offset, small or no cavity on the back, smaller head size, and a thin top line. These are made for the best and most skilled players, and feature a look and feel that the best players want.

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  • Custom Fit Golf Clubs

    Getting your clubs professionally fit makes a difference! Not everyone's swing is the same and not all clubs should be made the same.

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