Custom Fit Golf Clubs

Getting your clubs professionally fit makes a difference! Not everyone's swing is the same and not all clubs should be made the same. Stop in today and we can fit you for new clubs or custom fit your existing set. Our professionally trained staff will use state of the art ForeSight GC2 Launch Monitor in our hitting area to bring out your best. It's all about options, offering you choices and letting you decide what is the best for you. Call or email us for an appointment and take your game to a new level today.

Need more reasons to purchase custom fit clubs from us?

It is cheaper to purchase clubs once that you like and perform well than buying the latest item "on sale" and then having to purchase again once you realize you don't like them.

We carry all major brands including Ping, TaylorMade, Callaway, Titleist, Mizuno, Cobra, & Tour Edge.

Also unlike those manufacturer's we aren't biased towards one single brand, whatever performs best for you is what we want you to purchase.

Our salespeople don't work on commission or spiff's (extra incentive to sell a particular brand or model of clubs) like some of our competitors do. So you can get the set that is perfect for you without pressure from someone to purchase something else.

Pricing for custom fit sets is often the same as purchasing off the rack. This is done by having the clubs built for your specifications right at the manufacturer. If that is not possible we will modify existing clubs at a discounted price for you when purchasing from us.

We price match so you can rest assured you are getting the lowest price.

We take trade-ins. Bring in your old clubs and request a trade-in estimate. You can use that towards your new clubs - or anything else in the store.

Stop in today!


The Fine Print

Please note custom club orders can't be changed once they are placed with manufacturer. We can modify after they arrive in store (at additional charge) but we can't change orders once sent to the factory. If you are undecided then let us know and we can wait until you are certain of what you would like.

The reason we don't change orders is because we have systems in place that are typically fast, efficient and accurate. Attempting to change orders at the factory is usually slow, very inefficient, and often leads to errors. Kind of like having your house half built and then telling the builder that's not quite what you want after all.

Also once a custom order is placed we do not price match or re-negotiate that pricing at any time in the future. Consider your receipt a contract stating what you are purchasing and at what price and that it is final and also non refundable (full or partial payment) as the clubs are built exactly for you.


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