• Nancy Lopez Erinn 215 Women's Hybrid-Irons Golf Stuff - Save on New and Pre-Owned Golf Equipment Right #4 Women's

Nancy Lopez Erinn 215 Women's Hybrid-Irons

Erinn Hybrid Iron E215HI

Attack the pin with confidence on approach shots with Erinn Hybrid Irons.


· Smaller head size and shorter iron shaft result in greater control than a fairway wood while enhancing the playability over conventional long and mid irons

· Lighter, thinner steel face for easy launch and higher flight to maximize distance

· Expanded face to breadth ratio in a “soft triangle” shape to enhance MOI and increase ball flight and carry

· Ultralight performance graphite shafts provide the perfect combination of feel and control

· Lopez soft wrap grips provide superior feel and comfort, with vibration absorbing characteristics

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