Long Distance Flights 

Whether it’s a tight tee shot or reaching a par 5 in two, you need confidence that your club of choice will fly like you envision. Introducing the all-new Stealth DHY, powered by SpeedFoam™ Air for optimal launch, distance, and playability.  

Taking flight has never been easier.


The Superior Driving Hybrid 

Designed for power and forgiveness, Stealth DHY delivers a mid-to-low ball flight with distance properties that rival traditional hybrids in an iron-like profile. 

Shaped For Confidence 

Stealth DHY has an inviting address profile, longer blade length and wide sole, creating a generous strike zone that inspires confidence. A rounded heel toe radius enhances playability and turf interaction. 

Bridge the Gap 

The distance between your longest playable iron and shortest metalwood can leave a lot of open space. Stealth DHY can fix that gap and be the missing puzzle piece at the upper end of your bag. 


Performance Driven Shape 

Stealth DHY uses a lower profile head, wider sole design and cambered sole for improved playability. The CG is strategically positioned extremely low in the head to promote easy launch and a consistent ball flight. 

Forged Hollow Body Construction 

Engineered with an ultra-thin forged 4140 face and Inverted Cone Technology to create a flexible face, Stealth DHY delivers a large sweet spot for maximum distance, playability and forgiveness with incredible feel. 

SpeedFoam Air 

Newly engineered SpeedFoam™ Air is 69% less dense than its predecessor. The weight saved has been redistributed in the head design to further optimize mass properties for better launch conditions. The new SpeedFoam Air delivers a sweet sound and solid feel, while allowing a fast, flexible face design. 

Thru-Slot Speed Pocket 

The Thru-Slot Speed Pocket™ provides increased face flexibility while preserving ball speed and distance on low face strikes. 

  • $339.99