Tour Edge HL E522 Driver Offset

The Hot Launch E522 Offset Driver features Tour Edge's Houdini Sole Design, which includes an area of mass concentrated on the trailing edge of the sole, as well as a curved leading edge under the face.  This all-new shape creates more area to put extra mass, allowing Tour Edge to precisely position weight in the head to produce an ultra-low and deep center of gravity.  The result is an extremely high MOI rating surpassing 5000 grams per cubic CM², making the E522 extremely stable and forgiving.  Simply put, Houdini Sole makes this the highest launching and easiest to hit driver Tour Edge has ever produced.

The second piece of technology found in the E522 is known as Diamond Face 2.0, a major breakthrough in face technology.  Diamond Face consists of 42 "mini-trampolines" behind the face which flex and rebound to rocket the ball of the club head for explosive ball speed and distance.  As an added benefit, Diamond Face improves performance on off-center hits and reduces spin.

If you, like many golfers, find yourself fighting the dreaded slice, the E522 has you covered.  The driver's offset design and strategically placed heel draw-bias weighting are sure to help you avoid the right side of the golf course, with the added benefit of increasing launch angle.

Tour Edge fits the E522 with the extremely lightweight Mitsubishi FUBUKI HL graphite shaft to help maximize velocity and fight the fade.

Tour Edge Hot Launch E522 Offset Driver Features:

  • Houdini Sole moves weight low and deep for the easiest launch and most forgiveness possible
  • Diamond Face 2.0 Technology with 42 different thick/thin diamond shapes that act as "mini-trampolines" to produce forgiveness and ball speed across the face
  • Offset design and heel sole weight square the club for a draw bias that stops shots from heading right
  • Super shallow face design launches the ball with ease for higher-flying, longer shots
  • Control length shaft is shorter to provide better control, accuracy and more center face strikes
  • Upgraded lightweight shaft helps launch the ball higher with maximum velocity
  • Stock Shaft: Mitsubishi FUBUKI HL Graphite
  • Stock Grip: Lamkin Z5
      • $249.98
      • $329.99