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  • Travel Cover Rental Travel Bags Golf Trends
  • Travel Cover Rental Travel Bags Golf Trends

Travel Cover Rental

Keep your clubs safe with premium SKB travel cover!

Enter dates in calendar and choose how many travel covers you need to rent for that period 

If you can't select date range then all covers have been booked for all or part of that period

Please note that rentals are not booked until they are paid for, (even though it says they are reserved when they are in the shopping cart, they actually are not) although at the time they are put into the cart they are available

Travel covers need to be picked up and returned at our store during regular business hours About Us 

Travel Cover Rentals need to be booked online now - we no longer offer in store bookings

Also if you are picking up a few covers at one time we suggest a larger vehicle to do so as fitting them into a small car may be challenging.

When you pick up travel cover you will need to sign rental agreement and also have your credit card pre-Authorized for $200 per travel cover (deposit to ensure you return the cover at the end of the rental period)

Comes with key that is TSA approved so you can lock the cover

Cancellations & Refund Policy - refunds due to cancellations allowed up to 7 days in advance of start of paid booking beginning date - if you are not sure you need rental then we suggest postponing booking until you are certain - cancellations 6 days or less before start date will not be refunded (our opportunity to rent for that time period by then is highly diminished)


The SKB Travel Case


•Capable of accepting drivers up to 49".
•New patent-pending industrial strength latches for superior valance closure and overall latched security.
•TSA Locking System for ease of airline travel.
•SKB's exclusive Perfect-Match valance bending system, providing tight, secure fits to prevent dirt, dust and moisture from getting inside the case.

Interior Dimensions: 49.00" L x 16.00" W x 12.00" D

Weight: 23 pounds


  • $3.29