Wilson Womens 2022 Launch Pad 2 Hybrid FY

Wilson Staff Launch Pad Hybird Clubs are designed with lightweight components, a moderate hosel offset and an optimized loft-to-length ratio, making them easy to hit, with incredible feel and impressive distance.


The Slice is Solved:

  • The Launch Pad FY clubs are designed with a moderate hosel offset. Combined with 13 grams of weight in the sole of the club, this promotes a closed face at impact and neutralizes any fade bias.

Optimized Loft to Length Ratio:

  • Wilson testing shows that this is the easiest-to-hit combination of loft and club length for 10+ handicap players. 

Seriously Fast Club Head Speeds:

  • Lightweight components including the head, shaft and grip result in a super lightweight FY club. This light weight translates into an effortless increase in club head speed for greater launch angles and distance.

Wilson actually calls the Launch Pad 2 an ‘FY Club,’ meaning somewhere between a fairway wood and hybrid.  They found that a 41-inch shaft paired with a 19.5-degree face was the easiest-to-hit combination for golfers with 10-handicaps and higher.

        • $149.98
        • $199.99