Kallassy's Swing Magic 5 Iron Steel Shaft Men's Right Hand

Condition Rating: 7

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Kallassy Swing Magic 5 Iron - Golf Swing Trainer

The legendary golf instructor Bob Toski once said, “With the golf swing, you have to learn to feel the force, not force the feel”. And that is exactly what you will learn with Kallassy’s Swing Magic Iron. It all starts with the grip. Your hands are set in the correct position, and the bell shaped flare on the sliding part of the grip keeps the bottom part of your hand just off of the golf club. This teaches you to not overpower the swing by squeezing the club too hard and allows the momentum of the golf swing to release through delivery and impact . The separation of the grips allow you to achieve a position at the top of the backswing where the right side of your body does not resist a full turning motion, thus allowing you to get a deep shoulder turn and maximum coil.
On the downswing you learn to hold your wrist angle through the delivery position and deliver the golf club through impact with maximum power and consistency. Most golfers struggle with overpowering the golf swing. This adversely affects their tempo, rhythm, balance and ultimately their consistency and enjoyment of the game. With Kallassy’s Swing Magic Iron you are guided through a fundamentally correct golf swing, a swing that will develop the fundamentally sound swing reflex that you can depend on for greater distance and accuracy. Kallassy's Swing Magic is like a tour professional’s golf swing designed into a training tool that anyone can use to develop and maintain tour quality timing, tempo, rhythm, power and consistency.
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