Ping i15 Iron Set 4-PW Steel Regular Men's Right

Condition Rating:  6

What does this mean?

 Sometimes even lower handicap players need some forgiveness. The PING i15 irons are designed to do just that! The higher moment of inertia helps keep mis-hits in the fairway but the overall design remains appealing to better players and allows for greater workability than the G line.

Progressive Set Design

The long irons are larger to promote more forgiveness on mis-hits while the short irons are smaller to enhance control..

Custom Tuning Port

The CTP behind the hitting area ensures a great feel and sound that low handicappers will appreciate.

Multi-Material Design

A tungsten weight in the toe increases the MOI and gives these players irons a little bit of forgiveness.

Fitting Message

No two golfers have exactly the same swing, so why would they have the exact same clubs? PING revolutionized the golf club industry by introducing the idea that the everyday player, too, deserves custom fit clubs for their swing type, just like the pros. Our award winning fitters use PING n Flight technology to analyze your swing to determine the specifications your irons need to optimize carry distance, shot shape, trajectory and spin rates to improve your iron distance, control and consistency.

Club length of #7 Iron : 37 1/16

Color code : Green

Grip size : Aqua size

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